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Club Benefits

Club Benefits

Established in 1969, the Fredericton Garrison Club has been a tradition in Fredericton for over fifty years. The Club organizes a number of social events, at different venues throughout the year which provide members an opportunity to network, to get better acquainted with one another and to entertain guests. Normally two or three major events are held monthly. These functions include wine tastings, dinners, theater excursions, lobster boils and barbecues and many more. The social calendar also includes one or two other activities a month such as lunches, military history nights, and cocktail hours. In addition, many members meet every Monday and Thursday morning from 10:00 am to 11:00 am for coffee at the Fredericton Inn.

The Club has a special partnership with the Delta, which entitles members to a discounted accommodation rate. As well, members and their associates may use, for a nominal charge, the swimming pools and exercise facilities at the hotel. Members may also use the Club chit system at any of the hotel’s facilities. Each month the Club mails out members’ bills and a must-read newsletter, “Dispatches“, which provides information on forthcoming Club activities and news of interest.

The Club also has a special arrangement with Brewbakers, where members are entitled to a 15% – 20% discount on all meals (food only).

The Club is affiliated with a number of similar clubs across Canada, the USA, Europe and the Far East and many other parts of the world. In some cases there is a reciprocal billing arrangement. Many of these clubs have extensive amenities including their own accommodations and dining rooms. Garrison Club members have direct access to these private clubs and may make use of their facilities. This benefit should be of particular interest to members who travel extensively. To see a listing of these Clubs and what they have to offer, refer to the section entitled “Affiliated Clubs“. 

Members planning to visit these clubs should contact our General Manager to obtain a letter of introduction. There are many benefits to membership in the Garrison Club, not the least of which is its positive espirit de corps. The Club’s friendly environment combined with a long tradition of excellence in service and cuisine has made it one of the finest private clubs in N.B.

We regularly add new events and experiences while keeping the old favourites. Here are some of our recent annual events:

•Several Lobster/BBQs

•Regular Dinners with Friends

•St. Patrick’s Day at the Delta

•Cooking Classes

•Military History Tour

•Annual General Meeting & Dinner

•Bi-weekly Lunches at Brewbakers

•Weekly Coffee at the Delta

•PEI Tour

•President’s Reception at Old Gov’t House

•Spirit Festival (Rum/Whiskey Dinner)

•Annual Christmas Party

•Christmas Beat the Blues in the Delta’s Royal Suite; to just name a few. 

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