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How to Become a Member

“Every candidate for membership shall be proposed and seconded in writing on the form provided by the Club (form provided below), which shall be delivered to the General Manager who shall pass it to the Board.

If the Board does not approve the proposal for membership, the proposer and seconder shall be informed by mail.

If the Board approves the proposal, membership shall be extended forthwith to the nominee.” (By-Law #6)

Membership are limited, so complete the application here and mail or e-mail it to the Club’s General Manager (GM). Inquire about our free trial offer. For more information on monthly rates or any other questions please contact the GM.

Membership Application

The Fredericton Garrison Club is always looking for new members to enrich our Club and welcomes application for membership.  New members are normally proposed by a current member.  However, if you are interested in becoming a member, and do not know any current members, please complete the application below and submit it to the General Manager (GM) by clicking the submit button.  The GM will be in touch with you soon after.





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